We offer reverse osmosis water for you daily top offs and water changes. Using purified reverse osmosis water will drastically reduce the time and money you spend cleaning algae from your tank and severely reduce the chance of foreign contaminates harming your tank. We also stock pre-mixed saltwater made using our purified reverse osmosis water. Our Reverse Osmosis Deionized (RODI) Water is the most pure water in the Miami Valley! Come check out how we do it and take home a bucket today!

79¢/gal- Reverse Osmosis Deionized Water
99¢/gal- Reverse Osmosis Deionized Pre-Mixed Instant Ocean Salt Water                                                                               $1.49/gal- Reverse Osmosis Deionized Pre-Mixed Brightwell Aquatics Salt Water


JBJ 6 Gallon all LED Nano Cube $99.99 Originally $199.99


JBJ 6 Gallon all LED Nano Cube $199.99
On Sale for $99.99

 Advanced Features:

6 Gallon Glass Cube
Still in place in the next generation nano-cubes are the patented curved glass, which allow for a unique and dynamic panoramic view of your aquarium and all of its inhabitants.


106GPH Pump
LED lighting system
Integrated 3-Stage Filtration
Product Manuals & Documentation


JBJ 28 Gallon $199.99 Originally $399.99


JBJ 28 Gallon Nano Cube $299.99

On Sale $199.99

Expand nano reef possibilities with the versatile 28-gallon Nano Cube


105 watt 10,000°K/7,100°K compact fluorescent lighting

(4) Nite-Vu LED lighting with separate power cord

(2) Powerheads

(2) Directional flow nozzles

(1) Ocean Pulse Duo alternating wavemaker

(2) Integrated cooling fans

3-stage filtration with removable media basketCenter overflow system

Designated area for a heater (heater sold separately)

Designated area for a protein skimmer (protein skimmer sold separately)

Flame retardant ABS canopy housing Thermal protector for canopy (Auto Shut Off protection)

10 Gallon Rimless Desktop Aquarium $159.99

10 Gallon Rimless $159.99

JBJ’s Rimless Desktops Aquariums are small in size and big on features. With it’s low iron glass, three stage removable filter cartridges and it’s dimmable 2 channel LED light the JBJ Rimless Desktop series is the perfect choice for your desktop, counter top or bookshelf. Lean back relax and enjoy the new contemporary addition to your décor.


Low Iron Curved Glass
Crystal Clear Viewing
Raised Pedestal

3-Stage Removable Filter Cartridge
3-Stage Filtration – Mechanical, Chemical, Biological
Designated Heater Column

2-Channel Dimmable LED Smart Touch Control
2 Channel-Blue and White