About Us



Gerber’s Tropical Fish was established in 1988 as a wholesale outlet to local pet and aquarium stores. The owner, John Gerber had been interested in tropical fish since the early 70’s, and after getting his BA in Business opened his warehouse operation. While in school, he had worked at local stores and gained valuable experience in keeping a wide range of tropical fish and pond fish. Personal interest took him to Japan to purchase Koi for his many water gardens and ponds.

After many successful years selling wholesale, it was decided to open the Gerber’s Tropical Fish to the public to offer a more varied selection of marine fish, corals, live rock, invertebrates and our large Freshwater Fish selection. Opening Gerber’s Tropical Fish provides the marine hobbyists with more than the basic offerings that many local stores. With over 15,000 gallons of holding tanks and several propagation and grow-out tanks, the hobbyists can select from a huge inventory of marine animals. This also makes the facility “One of the Largest Marine Fish Outlets” in Ohio. Since Gerber’s Tropical Fish has developed suppliers from over 20 collecting stations around the globe; most any marine fish, coral or invertebrate can be “special ordered” if not already in stock. The Freshwater Fish section is also open to the public, with over 120 display tanks of tropical fish.

Got a problem, question, or concern? With over 100 years of combined experience our knowledgeable staff can help you with any of your aquarium questions.